BTVi3 Activation Guide


1. Hooking Up To The Internet

Go to the SETTINGS Icon on the Homescreen, it is located
on the right side of the Manual Icon (looks like a round gear)

The cursor is already highlighted on NETWORK, click in. Then click on Wi-Fi, Then click on Wifi Device, and click to turn ON. It will automatically start scanning for networks.
Put curson on your network. Then a onscreen keyboard will appear. Type in your network passcode (given to you by your internet provider) Once you have entered the code, scroll over to the far right of the keyboard and press on the ENTER button with the "orange circle". Once it says "successfully connected" you will push on the HOME
button on the remote (looks like a house).

2. Activating The BTVi3 App

A. Once on the HOMESCREEN. Go to the APP MARKET (the icon located directly under
the Manual). Click in and find the ALL ACCESS (Grey Icon)...located towards the middle of the screen. Click into the All ACCESS App. in the upper left corner click DOWNLOAD, once it is downloaded a white sceen will appear, highlight and click on the INSTALL button located on the bottom right. Once installed, click DONE.

Note: Click on any prompts that pop up along the way, some you will choose NEXT or Accept Any Terms to proceed.

B. Go back into the APP MARKET. this time click on the LAUNCH button which will appear in the upper left corner. In the center of the screen you see a round button (looks like a Cloud) Click on it and BTVi3 App will download, once finished it will turn green and say "Download Successfull". Click the blue BTV Button on the remote to
enter the BTVi3 App.

C. Once into the BTV App you will want to give it a few minutes as it loads all the resources and builds the menus. Once that is complete you can now start to navigate and use your BTVi3. Be sure to ask for the BTVi3 Mini User Guide from your sponsor to help use your BTVi3 more effeciently,tips on how to find additional content and
most important how to sync the time zone with your LIVE TV Guide.
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