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Video - Legality Of Using The BTVi3 Media Player
Can I use multiple tvs using this media player?
No, similar situation as having satellite, one media player per TV, However there are probably ways to split the signal.
The best strategy to use multiple TVs. 1) You can easily disconnect player for one tv (e.g. livingroom) and hook it to the other TV (e.g. bedroom) as unti is small and lightweight. 2) Purchase mutiple units, still worth it as far as overall savings, and depending on the situation, could keep a basic cable. 
How to I transfer it from one TV to another?
Unplug the HDMI cord and the BTVi3 unit from one tv and move it to the other and plug it into the other TV

Is it legal?
Yes, provided you use your BTVi3 media player as intended. (player does not allow someone to download or record) Like your home computer, tablet or cell phone, you have access to much media content via the internet. Much of the content available does require it's own license agreements. Our BTVi3 media player is a mini-super computer. It scrapes the internet and pulls any available media streams to your system.
Can I get in trouble for using this device?
No, provided you are not doing anything illegal

How do I know my BTVi3 will continue to work for years without being cut off like past boxes have
(dragon box, black box etc. have all shut down)?

Because we are not copying, downloading, or stealing anybody’s signal. Our media player is the same as your home computer which can access the same things, same content. Only our media player is not affected by viruses and pop ups.

What's the refund policy?
There is a full 7 day refund policy provided that the purchased merchandise is returned in original unused condition. There also is a 30 refund policy in which purchased merchandised may be returned provided it is in original unused condition. This is subject to a15% restocking fee. 

What's the warranty service?
12 Months Manufacturers Warranty against defects and your unit will be repaired or replaced upon malfunctions.

Are their any monthly subscriptions?
Legacy Direct does not provide any media content, therefore we do not charge any monthly fees/subscriptions. Some of the contentproviders do require their own license agreements and many of these do charge a subscription fee. But most like Pandora onlyrequire a license with no required monthly fees.
Will this work with any Internet connection?
Your BTVi3 media player will work with any internet connection provided that it is fast enough.

Can I hook up hardline Internet to my  media player? 
Yes, the hardline would be the ethernet.

What is recommended internet speed for optimum performance?
The suggested minimum connection speed is 10mbps, but even works better with speeds of 15 to 20mbps, higher speeds will prevent buffering issues with some links, the higher the speed, the better the experience!

Can I download anything to the box? If yes, what can I download?
Our BTVi3 media player does NOT download, duplicate, or copy any of the media content that is streamed.
Can I record shows etc, so I can watch them later?
No, but they will most likely be available for you to play on-demand thus eliminating the necessity to record.

Why is it when I click on a stream/feed it doesn't work?
We are not a provider of any media content and can’t guarantee any media to work at any time however, we find that the majority of all streams are working.

What happens when I lose the remote?
You may purchase an additional remote from Legacy Direct or from your local media supplier.

Is the BTVi3 portable?
BTVi3 is portable, meaning that you may travel with it to connect to any tv with an HDMI connection. However power and internet access will always be required

Will it work with my mobile hot spot?
Yes, your cell phone also makes a great mobile hotspot provided that it is fast enough.

If its Bluetooth compatible, can I use my regular controllers like ps4 ps3 and xbox?
Yes. It is bluetooth compatible and they should work on your BTV Media Player.

Can I attach a hard drive to it for more storage?
You are not able to download or copy any movie or tv show. However, you may add additional storage by adding an SD card orExternal Hard Drive for things such as your pictures and personal videos.

Is there any parental locks?
Many channels has parental controls and this should satisfy your needs.

Is there a hard reset button?
Yes, located in the back of your device.

What if new software comes out after I buy my device, will it update itself?
If my device stops working what should I do?
Contact Customer Service

What hours are technical support open?
9am - 5pm PST

Can a retail customer buy bundle packages?
Yes, at retail.

Can I enable subtitles?
Yes, The incredible feature of having this unit is it can be set for subtitles in almost any language!

How can I purchase a BTVi3 box and have it shipped to someone else as a gift?
Place the order and use a different shipping address.

What does HD, SD, and HQ mean?
HD: High Definition
SD: Standard Definition
HQ: High Quality

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