With many streaming media products in the marketplace, the BTVi3 Media Player remains to be the clear front runner! Consumers will have access to all the same apps and paid subscriptions as all the other flashsticks and players but with more options and benefits! When getting the BTVi3 you will recieve a unit with top of the line interface and technology that allows its unique media software to scour the internet searching out all the FREE streaming media content worldwide. We know this will be a huge benefit to the pocket book of those who purchase our product.

But this is only part of the reason why the BTVi3 Media Player is superior and has more than just amazing software. It is actually a mini-pc, meaning you can hook up a keyboard and mouse, store documents, access browsers like Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc., download apps from play store, access your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Surf the Net, Video Chat and more... All done right on your television.

The highlight of the BTVi3 Media Player is being able to watch what you, when you want!

We are not only talking about Movies, Live TV, All Your Favorite TV shows, A Huge Sports Selection, World And Local News, International Programming (almost every country in the world), Kids Programming (animated, disney, cartoons, education),
1000s of Music Channels and Videos,
150 Retro Games (donkey kong, street fighter, tetris, sports), but also you have access to many other types of programming, such as; Education, Fitness, Personal Development, Learning A Language, Music Lessons, Photography, Business, Science, Cooking and much more.

Other than go to work, More people watch TV and movies than anything else they do in their lives,

If someone is going to invest in product they are going to use for many years, they might as well get the best EXPERIENCE possible. This means; viewing, ease of use, and the abilty to receive free continual upgrades to software, so that when new programs emerge, or enhanced capabilites, one wont be stuck with a player with limitations. The BTVi3 Media Player leaves open options for the future so that a person's investment will be a lasting one.

The best thing about purchasing the BTVi3 Media Player now, opposed to later, is that consumers will start experiencing immediate savings! and that savings, paying for their investment in owning the BTVi3 Media Player normaly within just a few short months! 

Access a massive selection of movies and streaming media content
Simple plug and play instructions
Protected against viruses and no pop ups or commercials
Brilliant graphics and easy to navigate menus, c ategorized for convenience
Addons for the use of "Subtitles" in almost every language, Imagine watching your favorite movies and shows in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalong, etc.
Make on-screen adjustments
Lightweight and portable, use for travel, college students, etc.

Manufacturers warranty against defects and your unit will be repaired or replaced if malfunctions (1 year)

Operation System Android 5.1
Quad Core 2.oGhz Processor (cortex-a53)
64-Bit, Suports 3D, 4K
16GB storage
2GB Ram
Expandable Storage
Micro Sd Card 256GB
4 USB Ports
Aluminum Bottom Casing - Heat Prevention

Bluetooth Licenced
FCC Approved

This unique product is not found in stores and is exclusively sold by Legacy Direct Independent Agents. See the video or ask for a live demo.
(Game Controller Sold Separately) 
BTVi3 $399

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